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Our Vision

What makes us different is how we deliver our product.

  • Each client has a portfolio which matches his/her risk tolerance and criteria established during the financial planning phase. We are fiduciaries and work on a fee basis only which means that we do not get commissions.

Therefore, you know that when we recommend an investment, it is based on your need and not our pocketbook.

  • We want to hear from you with any financial question you have, even if it has nothing to do with investments or insurance.
  • We are interested in the relationship and not the payday. A lot of firms say this, but we are committed to this concept and we promise never to have more clients than our staff of professionals can properly manage.
  • Nothing is more frustrating than having an administrative problem and having to wait weeks to have it resolved. We promise to handle all administrative issues within a 24-hour period.

Should it take longer to resolve due to unforeseen events, you will be kept informed regarding its status.

Our execution of these promises is what sets us apart from the competition.

This is our vision and we expect to hear from you if we are not complying with our word.

The Black Pearl

The name of our company is derived from the characteristics of the Black Pearl. Compared to the more common white or pink pearls, black pearls are difficult to find in nature. Only one in 10,000 pearls is black. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is that black pearls cannot be cultivated by farmers or scientists. There is something about their genetic makeup that prevents farmers from growing black pearls successfully. The same problem exists for scientists who have tried to duplicate black pearls in the laboratory. As such, a black pearl has become a rare gem and a sign of unique and expensive jewelry.

There are over 400,000 financial advisors in the United States. We know that in order to succeed in this competitive field we, at Black Pearl, must make ourselves unique. We really believe that we are one in 10,000. That is a bold statement but one that we can stand behind.